Recycle the spectrum of your neighboors


6mesh is a tiny linux distribution dedicated for building an IPv4/IPv6 802.11b AODV router (floppy, CFlash, cdrom, small-HD, etc...) for different platforms (wl11000SA-N, soekris, itx, openbrick, x86, samsung-uclinux, etc...).




A mailing-list is dedicated to the development of the project here.


The first release will be soon available (expect on the 10 aug 03)

CVS access

Type the following commands to

Other Access Points

It's quite difficult right know to find an access point with Linux built-in. I think that those boards are quite hackable to put LinuxAP on it:

About Mesh Networks

A Mesh network is a collection of autonomous nodes or terminals that communicate with each other by forming a multihop radio network and maintaining connectivity in a decentralized manner. Since the nodes communicate over wireless links, they have to contend with the effects of radio communication, such as noise, fading, and interference. In addition, the links typically have less bandwidth than in a wired network. Each node in a wireless ad hoc network functions as both a host and a router, and the control of the network is distributed among the nodes. The network topology is in general dynamic, because the connectivity among the nodes may vary with time due to node departures, new node arrivals, and the possibility of having mobile nodes.

[Credits: Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Project]

[Credits: Radiophare.net]


Thanks to

Sourceforge.net for hosting; Keith Smith for his beautiful work on LinuxAP